Hello we're gonna talk about the installation of gcam v7.0 in oneplus devices. You cam use Gcam in almost all your oneplus devices by this method. The Installation method is little complicated so please follow the Installation Guide.

Installation Processes:

1. At first Download Google camera apk file from this link

2. After downloading, if install it. If installation has been blocked then allow the permission to install from 'Unknown Sources'.


3. After installing just open the gcam app. Go to settings then scroll down and find 'developer options'. In that options you find 'mod_save_config'. Tap on that and change the previous letter with 'gff'. Now close the Gcam.

4. After that go to file manager➜search the folder'Gcam'➜ In that folder you find'config7' folder and in that folder you find 'gff.xml' file. Delete this file.
5. Now copy one of the xml file which you have downloaded from our link and paste it into that 'config7' folder.
6. NOW open gcam➜ double tap between the area of shutter button and gallery. A window will popup. Click on restore. Now you successfully setup the xml file .

Now You use google camera in your Oneplus devices.

        It is very simple and easy process to do. If there's a problem like crashing of app, or freezing issues then do let us know in the comment.

Benefits of Google Camera:

1. Google camera captures lots of details than regular stock camera app. It's algorithm, image processing is far better than any other camera applications.

2. You can use number of modifications of your own. You can't use that in regular stock camera.

3. Google camera clicks a very balanced picture in auto mode. You don't need to be professional to click photos. Just Tap and Shoot!

4. The portrait Mode in Gcam is amazing. The ordinary stock camera's portrait mode clicks trash images. While Gcam clicks Dslr-like photos.

5. Another thing is Dynamic range. The dynamic range of the images is spectacular. 

6. Astrophotography is another cool feature of this version of gcam. You can click classic night sky shot in this feature. If you placed your camera in a tripod then the picture would be stable. But yes, the sky has to be clear for a better picture.

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