Download best Google Camera for Redmi Note 10 | Gcam 8.3

Redmi Note 10 is the new addition to the Xiaomi budget-range lineup. Xiaomi always made their budget-range phone with good specifications. Redmi Note 10 is also no exception. If you bought this phone, I hope you are satisfied with your device. But, the Redmi series is always lacking in their camera segment. Although they are giving us camera sensors consisting of high megapixels, the image processing is not that good. In this phone, Redmi is putting a quad-camera setup with one 48MP sensor, but the image is somehow not realistic. So, today we are giving you the best gcam apk for Redmi Note 10. With the latest Gcam or Google camera, you can capture amazing DSLR-like photos. 

If you don't know about Gcam, then read the below article to know more about this camera application. Moreover, please read the installation process of the Google Camera for Redmi Note 10, because if you don't follow the steps carefully, the Gcam will not be working properly. 

Download Gcam apk for Redmi Note 10

About Google Camera(Gcam):

Google camera is the camera app of Google Pixel phones. Generally, the Pixel phones do not have high megapixel cameras. But, the image processing of the phone is so good that it can easily compete with DSLRs. 
The camera application of the Pixel phones is playing a key role in this. So, developers around the world trying to port the Gcam app for other smartphones too. And, for the last few years, people are enjoying google camera on their non-pixel smartphones. 
For some smartphones, the porting is not always good. So, the app is lagging. 
The photos taken on google camera are far better than the stock camera photos. Below, we are describing every feature of the latest gcam apk. 

Features of GCAM for Redmi Note 10:

  •  Google Camera captures lot more details of the subject than the regular stock camera. It does not apply any pre-filter or beautification. Thus, the subject looks more natural and real. 
  • Gcam also has a pro mode where you can manually change the camera settings. 
  • If you are not a professional, then just click images on auto-mode. The photos are still very good with this app. 
  • The Portrait mode is simply amazing in google camera. The background blur effect looks very natural. And also the skin tones of humans look very clear and real. 
  • Furthermore, the HDR mode is very good on this app. The dynamic range enhances the photos. 
  • Lastly, the Gcam has a special feature called Astrophotography. With this feature, people can capture the night sky with stars. But, the device has to be on stable ground for this. 
Astrophotography mode on Google Camera

Download Gcam APK v8.1 for Redmi Note 10:

Download Link: Click Here

Download Gcam APK v8.3 for Redmi Note 10:

Download Link: Click Here

Download Best Gcam apk for Redmi Note 10 [2022]:

  1. Download any one of the apk files from the above links. 
  2. Install it on your Redmi note 10 smartphone. 
  3. Open the app.
  4. Go to settings and enable the HDR+ option. 


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