Download Gcam for Vivo V20(latest settings)

 The Vivo V20 is the new member of Vivo V's family. The highlighted feature of this series is not performance but entertainment. So, we got a FHD+ big display, big 4000mah battery, 44MP front camera, triple rear camera setup. But, the processor is Snapdragon 720G which is not best processor at this price range. It's a average processor.The phone comes with Android 11 out of the box. There is 8GB variant and it comes with two storage options-128GB and 256GB. So, in this article we tell you how to download GCAM for Vivo V20.

Download Gcam for Vivo V20(latest settings)

What is google camera or Gcam?

Google camera or Gcam is the camera app of Pixel phones. The image processing of gcam is so good that developers try to port it for other smartphones. As these ports are not official, so many times this app is crashing in many smartphones. The smartphone must have enabled camera2api to get support of gcam.

What are the features of Gcam?

You can use number of modifications of your own. You can't use that in regular stock camera.
  • Google camera captures lots of details than regular stock camera app. It's algorithm, image processing is far better than any other camera applications
  • You can use number of modifications of your own. You can't use that in regular stock camera.
  • Google camera clicks a very balanced picture in auto mode. You don't need to be professional to click photos. Just Tap and Shoot!
  • The portrait Mode in Gcam is amazing. The ordinary stock camera's portrait mode clicks trash images. While Google Camera clicks Dslr-like photos.
  • Another thing is Dynamic range. The dynamic range of the images is spectacular. 
  • Astrophotography is another cool feature of this version of gcam. You can click classic night sky shot in this feature. If you placed your camera in a tripod then the picture would be stable. But yes, the sky has to be clear for a better picture.

Is Gcam available in iOS?

No. Apple devices do not support Gcams or google cameras.

Is installing Gcam safe in smartphones?

Absolutely. Many professionals, tech-geeks use gcam in their smartphone. Although some gcam hangs or crashes in some certain phones, but in majority gcams are working perfectly.

Gcam for Kirin or exynos processors:

Google camera is an absolutely insane app for android phones. Although it is not available for all phones. The developers are working hard to make it available for every phone. The images taken with gcam is more realistic and sharp. Usually smartphones come with Snapdragon processors, works with gcam very well. But nowadays Mediatek processors also work perfectly. In Exynos and Kirin Processors usually gcam crashes. Iphones do not support Gcam.
Now quickly look at the specs of Vivo V20.

Download Gcam for Vivo V20(latest settings)

Specifications of Vivo V20

Display:6.44"FHD+ screen
Processor: Snapdragon 720G
Rear Camera:64MP+8MP+2MP
Front Camera:44MP
Android 11

Download Gcam for Vivo V20:

Installation and setup of Gcam for Vivo V20:

  • After Downloading the apk, install it.
  • Open the app and open the drop-down menu.
  • Enable Google AWB and HDR+
  • Go to settings
  • Go to libpatcher and enable it. After that click on Custom Lib and select Odin by And_rfy.
  • Go to back camera option and set the sharpness value to 1.125-1.25(as your preference).
  • Now go back to main settings nad click on Exposure Compensation.
  • Set the value +0.2 for both front and back camera.
That's it. You're all set to click some nice shots.

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