Download Google Camera APK for Realme 8 [GCAM APK 8.4]

Looking for GCAM for the Realme 8 smartphone? Finding a fully functional GCAM can occasionally be difficult, but Realme 8 smartphone owners don't have to worry about that anymore. Users of the Realme 8 smartphone can download the best stable version of Google Camera from this page, so let's get started with the instructions for doing so.

Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro both come equipped with a quad camera system. On its back panel, the Realme 8 Pro, however, sports a 108MP camera. One of the 108MP camera smartphones in India with the lowest price is this one. The other three cameras in the quad camera module don't change. Realme has also improved its camera app for the Realme 8 Pro, adding a new Starry Mode and making a few minor tweaks. Even while the app generally functions well, you may sideload the Google Camera app (also known as GCam Mod) port to take some mind-blowing pictures.

google camera for Realme 8

Realme 8 Specs:

Realme 8 boasts a 6.4-inch display and will provide you with excellent views. Additionally, this phone sports a 64 MP main camera. You can snap better images with the aid of this camera. Storage in RAM is crucial.

Due to this, the Realme brand authority established two ram types. 8GB RAM storage and 4GB RAM. People can obtain the one they require. On the mobile market, a smartphone with a bigger battery is more valuable. 5000 mAh battery for the Realme 8 smartphone. The phone also boasts a lightning-quick charging technology.

What is Google Camera?

The Google Pixel phones' camera app is called Google Camera. The Pixel phones typically don't feature cameras with many megapixels. However, the phone's image processing is so strong that it can easily compete with DSLRs.
A significant part of this is being played by the Pixel phones' camera application. Therefore, Gcam software developers are also attempting to port it to other smartphones. People have been using Google Camera on their non-pixel devices for the past few years.

Features of GCAM Realme 8:

  • HDR Plus Option and HDR Enhanced
  • Mode for Astrophotography
  • Better Photos With Night Sight Google Lens Framing Tips
  • Social Sharing Function that Facilitates Instant Photo Sharing three or more social media apps
  • It is possible to record videos at a 4K resolution.
  • There is also video stabilisation available.
  • Fine Lens Blur, Slow Motion, Playground, RAW support, and Many Others Like Photo Sphere, Panorama, and Time Lapse are Working

Download Google Camera for Realme 8 [2022]:

Realme 8 Gcam 8.4 (Latest):

Download the Google Camera for Realme 8 (Realme UI 2.0) [GCAM APK 8.1]:

Download the most stable Google Camera for Realme 8 [Gcam APK 7.4]:

How to Install Google Camera APK on your Realme 8:

  • Download the apk from the given download link
  • Enable app install from unknown sources other than play store, if you hadn’t enabled that yet. 
  • Go to settings>search ‘unknown’> install unknown sources> enable the app through which you want to install the app.
  • Now, install the apk and open it.

How to Setup the CONFIG File on your Google Camera for Realme 8:

  • Download the CONFIG file from this link before using it in the game.
                            Realme 8 GCam Config File [For GCAM 8 .1] 
                    Realme 8 GCam Config File Download (For GCAM 7) .4] 
  • Then choose Internal Storage. Folder with the name "Gcam" should be created.
  • Reopen the door For GCAM versions 8.X.X and higher, you must create the Config8 folder; for GCAM versions 7.X.X and lower, create Config7
  • Next, copy the "CONFIG File" into the Config Folder.
  • Open Google Camera application.
  • Tap in between the shutter button and gallery.
  • Select the Config file.
  • Now, you're good to go. 

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